0.2.5 Straw Update

Today’s update is all about bales and the straw swath. There are new machines like the Claas Quadrant 3200 RC bale press, the Joskin Wago D15 bale wagon and the Hammer 5000 bale fork.

The front loader and the front loader controls have been reworked completely. You can now use the Euro controls, as you know it from reality. The axes, tipping angles and velocities have been adjusted. A parallel guide has been implemented, if you tilt the bale fork at 10 degrees for example, the front loader keeps its direction when you change the height. This should enable comfortable working!

In addition the collision of the front loader has been revised, it can’t fall through the floor any longer.

Freeze: the ones who might find the cautious handling of the bales too arduous can use the “freeze function” for the trailer or the bale fork. The bales are rigidly fixated and don’t slip out of position. You can find the function on the right hand side in the Useraction HUD with a new button as well as in the control options where you can assign a key. You can enable and disable the feature in the Gameplay menu. An optical display of the load restraint will follow later.

Auto collect: You don’t want to load the bales in a realistic manner? Then you can use this function with the trailer or the bale fork, drive close to a bale which is then automatically and professionally stacked. You can find this option on the right hand side in the UserAction HUD with a new button as well as in the control options where you can assign a key.

Auto collect and freeze in combination: collected bales aren’t frozen automatically. When you put new bales on the trailer next to ones which are already frozen, you can use the freeze feature again to fixate them as well. When all bales are fastened, they can be loosened again by activating the freeze function anew.

Clogging of the press: when you drive faster than 20 km/h, another fill level is being displayed in the lower right corner. The more you drive too fast, the more the pickup of the press is clogged and it stops in the end. Then you have to switch off the press, exit the vehicle and clear the pickup in the middle via CabControl. Afterwards you can get in again, activate the press and keep on driving. The option to deactivate this feature in the options is presumably following in the next update.

In the options under Gameplay it is now possible to enable and disable functions like auto collect and freeze as you wish. What is new here is that the UserAction buttons in the right HUD are hidden when the function is being deactivated.

Bales have weight and therefore a noticeable impact on the handling. When you’re standing next to a bale and press the ALT key, the bale HUD is called up.

Laying swath: The Tucano can no lay swath by activating the “cycle straw spreader position” twice.

In case you want to test a feature quickly or you’re running out of money, here’s a list of some console commands, with which you can speed things up. You can call up the ingame console by default with the “^” key:

skipCondition (Jumps to the next quest step). You can also assign this command to a key and finish single quest steps by pressing it. For the key “0” you can for example put in: bind 0 “skipCondition”

setPlayerLevel 99 (increases the player level, e.g. for a bigger vehicle fleet, in this case 99)

goldencrops (Increases the account balance by 10.000.000)

cmd (a list of more console commands)

Interesting for modders: With “body” you can now display the collision shapes in the game

Generally speaking it is helpful, if you save in a new save game slot before you test, start new work steps or start missions.

Known issues:

The sounds of the Quadrant are missing at the moment and will follow later

Bales can jump sometimes when they are auto collected or frozen

Sometimes you have to get the Quadrant to harvest again, despite of a clogged pickup.

There is still a problem with the pressing of different fruits in succession, at the moment you have to reset the baler via the vehicle fleet menu before you can press another crop variety.

You have to hit the bale in the middle in order to skewer it. Above or below the middle there is collision with the bale.

Bales slide on an uneven surface on the trailer when they’re not frozen. We are working on this issue at the moment.

Swath is always placed with the same visual volume, independent of the cutting width.

Sometimes there are yellow boxes on the edge of a field.

We are already working on a hot fix!

You can find changes, bug fixes and news in our changelog as always.

We’re looking forward to your feedback!

The MBB team


NEW: Baler Claas Quadrant 3200 RC

NEW: Trailer Joskin Wago D 15

NEW: Balefork Hammer Bale Fork 5000

NEW: Straw square bales, can be produced with the Claas Quadrant

NEW: Swath – can be placed on the field with the combine and made into bales with the press

NEW: Bale mission – get to know the new functions and machines

NEW: Bale trade – Here you can sell your bales, the trader is located at the harbor Sale price, quantity and total weight are displayed at the top of the screen before the selling

NEW: Physical bale handling – Bales have weight and behave accordingly when handled

NEW: Freeze function – Bales can be frozen on the trailer and the fork and stay in their position

NEW: Bale auto collect function for trailer and fork

NEW: It is now possible to switch functions like auto collect, freeze and clogging on and off in “Gameplay”. A new feature is that the UserAction buttons in the HUD on the right side are hidden when a function is being deactivated

NEW: Borderless Window Mode can now be set in the graphics settings. When you’re in this mode you can for example switch faster from the program to other applications by pressing Alt+Tab

NEW: Distance textures of stubbles, swath and fruit have been color-coordinated

BUG FIX: The turning maneuver of the plowing worker has been revised, now multiple workers can plow at the same time

BUG FIX: At the headland, the worker rotates the plow into the correct direction now

BUG FIX: Machines that are spawned through the console command “machine” can now be sold

BUG FIX: The cursor doesn’t jump to the middle of the screen when you switch between tabs like “Employees” or “Vehicles”

BUG FIX: Machines shouldn’t disappear after a save game has been loaded

BUG FIX: The console command “dirt” is working again

BUG FIX: A worker starts working, even if other workers haven’t left the field yet

BUG FIX: The passing maneuver of two workers cultivating at the same time has been revised. There shouldn’t be any problems when one tractor/trailer combination has a smaller cultivator or a stronger tractor

BUG FIX: The crash that occurred when leaving the pause menu has been fixed

BUG FIX: The Lemken Juwel draws a plough line again

BUG FIX: The problem that files with longer names weren’t loaded correctly, has been fixed

BUG FIX: The Arion sound loop when fully accelerating has been fixed

CHANGE: Missions were partially displayed in the wrong language, this has been fixed

CHANGE: The chaser shouldn’t inhibit the combine any longer when it’s performing a turning maneuver

CHANGE: The game isn’t rendered any longer when you are in the pause menu. This provides stabilization with the FPS, especially if you work in the World Editor

CHANGE: When a vehicle is respawned after falling through the map, the forces that affect the vehicle, are reset

CHANGE: You can now purchase at the trader/trading window when you have two trailers (e.g. Strautmann)

CHANGE: Due to a better performance, the reversing lights of tractors are now switched off when exiting the vehicle

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