Dev Log: Q&A #5

Hey there community,

after having released a couple of status updates over the few weeks, and while still working on the previously shown features, we’d like to answer some Q&A questions this Friday.

Go ahead and continue to post your new questions in the thread in the forum.

Embrace the weekend.

Question 1: Will there be tire dilation under heavy load / When will the tires be updated?
We’re planning on using a revised tire shader with the v0.6.0 update, which will allow us to display the dirt and tire dilation in a more detailed manner. In addition, we’re going to add new tire profiles and implement new wheel types that will better fit their respective different vehicle types. We’ll use an extensive status update in the near future to go into more detail.

Question 2: What other types of fruit will there be?
We’re planning to add oats and rape to the existing wheat, barley, maize and field grass until version 1.0. The timetable will depend on how accurate the fertilizer, growth and harvest data will be.

Question 3: How many fruit types can be added by modders?
For storage reasons, there is a technical limit on the maximum possible amount of fruit types. A total of 255 slots will be available, which should clearly be more than enough. At the moment, it’s not yet possible to add additional fruit types. This will of course be changed as soon as we are satisfied with the implementation of the complete vegetation system.

Question 4: What will be the effect of fruit variations on soil density?
In the future, plants will have an influence on the soil and its attributes. This applies to nutrients as well as to the composition of the soil. At the moment, we can’t share a detailed concept for the implementation with you yet.

Question 5: What are the different types of fertilizers?
As shown in the Feb 08, 2019 update, we’re planning to divide the liquid fertilizers into nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) at the least, as plants have different requirements and consumptions. The exact distribution to be implemented hasn’t been determined completely, yet. In addition, there will continue to be slurry and an artificial fertilizer implementation.

Question 6: Will it be possible to mow the grass around the fields?
No. Due to various technical limitations, including memory size, this feature is not planned for the time being.

Question 7: Will raytracing be used as technology?
Hardware accelerated ray tracing is very interesting, but so far only usabled in a limited manner, as even the new graphics cards reach only about 300 million rays/second. This is a very limited budget and full path tracing only works with very clever realtime denoisers like A-SVGF. It’s very difficult to achieve 60 FPS in complex scenes even with a low resolution like Full HD. Therefore the first games use this technique only to a limited extent.

What Nvidia offers can only be used with DX12 or Vulkan so far, and ray tracing requires extensive extensions of the renderer. We have plans to at least extend the renderer with Vulkan, but the implementation of ray tracing is not yet justified, because there is no graphics card manufacturer-independent standard yet and you can render almost identically good-looking scenes with traditional rasterizing – at higher FPS.

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