Status Update 07 June 2019

Due to the Community Manager’s vacation there were no separate threads concerning the news our moderators had posted here in the forum. We’re still working on the most recently introduced systems and would like to briefly summarize the current development and progress of these features.

Part of our work is currently focused on the visualization and function of the silos. Similar to the trailers, they will be able to be filled dynamically at any point and additionally will be able to compressed. Depending on the vehicle, weight and fruit type, the achievable compaction rates can be higher or lower. The end of this week, the focus was on the correct loading and unloading of the silos and the volume distribution when hitting a point in the silo. In the coming days we will refine the compaction in order to make the effects of the vehicles as real as possible. But as always, pictures say more than a thousand words:

The weather system related to plant growth is the second major building block for the upcoming update. Not only are we working on increasing the complexity of plant growth, but also on adjusting it to the new real weather data. Most recently, one of the main factors of the weather was rain, and thus water reserves in the soil. We have to make sure that our rainfall and soil conditions, with influences such as transpiration, soil evaporation and storage capacity, interact correctly with the fruit growth and that the plant develops as realistically as possible according to the parameters. After water, we’re going to deal with further growth parameters such as temperature and further develop fertilisation.

Additionally we’re working on general bug fixing and AI improvements.

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