About Cattle and Crops mods

Hi, farming fans! In this article we will summarize, what we know about Cattle and Crops mods and this new game.

Cattle and Crops is farming simulator, which will let you feel like a farmer. You will can farming in many different ways. Choose a variety of farming specialites: grow crops, corns, potatoes and much more cultures, make business from farm, update your machinery and equipments park with cattle and crops mods. You will can drive tractor, harvester, truck or manage your staff, purchase new areas and buildings. In this way you will expand your small farm to very big and modern farm. To improve game, in CnC mods websites you fill find a lot of mods.

What types of mods will be?
Tractors, harvesters, implements, tools, trailers and much more, in other words – all mods categories from Farming Simulator series games.

Will all the mods be free?
All Cattle and Crops mods in this website will be absolutely free.

What brands of machinery and equipments will be introduced in default game?
Today we know, that Masterbrain Bytes GmbH & Co got licenses from Bressel und Lade, Claas, Dammann, Deutz Fahr, Hawe, Horsch, Hudig, Joskin, Kaweco, Kockerling, Lacotec, Lemken, Mercedes-Benz, Rauch, Stapel, Strautmann. Most of these brands is very popular in all world. In addition we know – this list is not full, much more brands will introduce in near future. You can not find your favorite brand? No Problem! Cattle and Crops mods you will can download with all brands, which exsist.

What features will have CnC?
Employees management, plant growth and health on multiple ground conditions, advanced weather, modding support, multiplayer.

When will be released game?
Early access single player edition in March 2017.

Early access multiplayer edition in July 2017.

Full version of game in fall of 2017.

Today is released only Tech Demo.

Which systems are supported?
Cattle and Crops will be available for Windows 7/8/10, Linux and later Mac OS X. Currently, we focus on desktop PCs; PS4 support may be available in the future.

Cattle and Crops gameplay:

Source: cattle and crops mods

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What is a cattle and crops mods?
The cnc mods are your game supplements that will make your game look like you want. We are offering for you a great database of the latest cattle and crops mods. Select modifications according site categories and update your cattle and crops game.


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