CLAAS ARION 530 V0.1.1

Claas Arion 530 Sample Mod for Modder

# Installation: #
1. Copy the Zip-File into your Mod-Folder:
C:\ Users\ USERNAMNE\ Documents\ My Games\ Cattle And Crops\ Mods\
2. Start the game – you will find a new entry in the vehicle shop

# Modding, Opening in Editor #
To open the mod in the Cattle and Crops editor you need to extract it into a subfolder of your mod-folder.

1. Extract Zip in:
C:\Users\USERNAMNE\Documents\My Games\Cattle And Crops\Mods\SUBFOLDER\

2. Result:
C:\Users\USERNAMNE\Documents\My Games\Cattle And Crops\Mods\SUBFOLDER\machines\(….)\

3. DO NOT EXTRACT into mod-folder directly:

DO NOT: C:\Users\USERNAMNE\Documents\My Games\Cattle And Crops\Mods\machines\(….)\

4. Open the Game
5. Press CTRL + O to open editor
6. under location select “Mods” as location
7. navigate to the .wld file of this mod and open it in the editor

Modell: Masterbrain Bytes

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