DevLog – Q&A #2

Hello community,

as promised we answer more of your questions today. We often get asked, when or if certain functions/features are planned. Unfortunately we can’t give you exact dates for that, but in the future we can give you information about certain features, e.g. if they are planned or not.

Please post your questions in this specially opened thread in the forum:

Regards, the MBB team

Question 1: Is it planned that the worker can drive around objects?

The circumnavigation of objects on fields and roads is planned. Autonomous driving is an extensive topic, we primarily had to make sure that the basic maneuvers on fields and roads run smoothly. At the moment we want to make the worker more aware of driving objects and the circumnavigation of them.

Question 2: Will there be equipment like a functioning GPS device?

Equipment for objects like machines and building are planned. There will also be a GPS module and mode. The hardcoded GPS is already used by the employee.

Question 3: Is the dynamic ground already final?

No, it’s not final yet. What you can see at the moment is the technical basis of the tessellation technology. The physical behaviour of the ground at the moment can be seen as a prototype as well. In the future there will be different types of ground/soil with different effects and reactions regarding wetness.

Question 4: Will you support VR and what about the handling thereof?

We have already conducted promising tests with the Oculus Development Kit, but for a better support we have to change many parts of the user interface and the handling. This feature might possibly not be included in version 1.0.

Question 5: Does the employee get a headland function?

This function should be available with the one of the next updates. The machines will then also consider the headland when working the fields and won’t make a turn outside of a field. In the editor it will then also be possible to create more than two front sides.

Question 6: Will the popping of trees be changed and will they get a collision?

Collisions for objects like trees or fences will come, you’ll get the option to choose if you want to have the collisions enabled or not. The trees and their transitions are also being further reworked.

Question 7: Can time be fast-forwarded when a worker is active?

It is planned that all tasks of the employee can also be fast forwarded. In order to do that, we have to adjust every current and future work step though.

Question 8: Simply driving from A to B, will this be included?

The autopilot feature is now available. You can define a point on the map and the tractor drives you there. It only works while sitting in the vehicle. Completely autonomous driving of the AI can still be issued via the menu. Additionally, a “transport task” can be created to transfer vehicles.

Question 9: What solution is planned for the filling of implements the worker uses, like seeder and slurry tank?

The worker automatically buys seeding material or fertilizer when the tank is empty. Therefore he doesn’t simply stop when he runs out of material.

Question 10: Will Paysafecard be implemented as a payment method?

Since the Steam release you can pay with Paysafecard, a solution for the Homepage will also follow.

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