Season Update 16 Oct 2019 v0.7.0

In this update we introduce the colorful autumn season optically, in addition there is a new steering aid system (FGS), extended machine functions and bug fixes.

Seasons: With the update v0.7 we added the seasons optically. The vegetation and all tree species have been reworked so that the leaves can change color and the trees can lose their color in autumn. We also connected the wind to the weather data. In the long run, the different cycles will influence the growth of the vegetation through temperature and frost, for example.

Driving assistance steering system: The new Field Guidance System will please all those who like to control their machines themselves. We have heard from many of you how difficult it is to find the right track on the field. The new FGS with its Parallel Track System not only shows you the correct lanes – configurable in width, position and angle – but also optionally lets you steer the vehicle independently to stay in the lane. You only have to accelerate or use the cruise control and turn around yourself. In short, you can now fade in changeable auxiliary lines on the ground and anchor the automatic steering to the center line. With the standard keys “P” and “O” you can call and activate the FGS. You can also change the keys in the options menu under Control. In the speedo display there are status icons in the blue area.

Engine: We were able to successfully update large parts of the basic framework of the engine. However, CNC is still based on a mixture of the C4 Engine and the Tombstone Engine 2.9.1. Unfortunately, we could not yet take over the improvement of the Tomstone Engine regarding the editor and are still working on it.

Field Sprayer: Another area where we got a lot of feedback from you was the slope compensation of the Dammann Land-Cruiser, presented at the end of August. We took your comments and … “suggestions” … to the chest and rebuilt the inclination adjustment from scratch. It now really adapts the alignment of the boom to the terrain. Together with the manual height adjustment and the new adjustment of the spread rate, you now have full control over the Land Cruisers. And there’s also a smaller 3000L version that’s easy on your virtual purse. In addition, a new hose channel system has been built, you can watch the Dammann at the rear if you change the height. Another wish in your feedback was that you can connect and disconnect the machines via the radial menu. Every single attacher on a vehicle can now be controlled directly, and thus vehicles can be addressed directly. And in addition: every attachment can now even be connected and disconnected via CabControl. Just drive close enough, go to the attacher and click on the corresponding icon. The Strautmann Verti-Mix and Hawe SLW 50T both received completely new morph fillmeshes, like the Joskin Delta-Cap and Strautmann Vitesse before. In addition there is a set of brand-new unloading particle systems.

  • First steps in season changes
  • The trees have been reworked so that they can change colour depending on the season and lose their leaves
  • [MODDING] The new Season Setting can be set globally and per map, for regional differences in map modding
  • The trees are now animated with the real wind data instead of having a generic repeating animation
  • Field-Guidance-System Steering aid Driving assistant with auxiliary lines (FGS)
  • You can create a helper task for filling the BGA
  • Language translations can now be imported directly from CSV tables
  • The Albergtal has been beautified in several places. Among other things the terrain shaders were revised and optimized
  • In the Albergtal valley there are new decals on the buildings and advertising signs
  • The Hawe SLW 50 now has new morph meshes and new particles
  • The Strautmann Verti-Mix has new Morph-Meshes and new particles
  • Dammann Land-Cruiser with new animations and slope compensation system
  • Added message window in the start mission for the autopilot
  • Added message window to explain how to fill the CornKing with maize seed and solid fertilizer tank for the sowing mission
  • The engine now detects whether an Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller is connected and can display different layouts for the menu buttons
  • There is a new attach and detach function via the radial menu
  • There are new attach and detach functions which are accessible via CabControls
  • The field menu can be opened by left-clicking on a field in the minimap
  • There are new bale shelters in the Albergtal
  • The materials of the vehicles were reworked so that the windows don’t look so dark from the interior view
  • The Hammer CornKing must be switched on before use
  • The FillType at the slurry pumps is now preset and doesn’t have to be extra are selected because there is only one FillType available
  • Statistics on fertilizer costs in finances added
  • [ MODDING] In the Script Editor, if you make a box selection with the Select Tool, also the section boxes behind the nodes are added to the selection
  • The attacher can manage up to 4 tanks
  • The editor now has a “Replace geometries with instances” for faster map building
  • Flags can now be animated using the ClothController and the WeatherController passes on the wind data globally. Example at the gas station
  • MissionCondition “transferFill” now also supports checks with machine tanks
  • Large parts of the engine’s basic structure are now based on Tombstone and no longer on C4
  • The math libraries were SSE optimized
  • CNC now uses the Visual Studio 2017 toolchain and also needs the VS2017 C++ redistributables (should already be guaranteed with Steam)
  • The editors and plugins as well as the gamecode are now part of the .exe for better memory management

  • BGA mission texts in English revised
  • Reputation “BGP” out of the Agrofields and replace it with “Harbour” so you can buy it again. Affected field numbers: 1, 2, 8, 9, 28, 29, 38, 39, 40
  • In the first feeding mission the farm silo 1 is now filled with 20.000 L chopped maize so that the Strautmann Verti-Mix can also be filled
  • Rauch Axis scattered animation no longer switched equal
  • Solid fertilizers have different colors in the tank and animation
  • Claas Jaguar has no false start content from 1.0L chopped maize any more
  • Animation acceleration/deceleration no longer depends on play rate
  • The AI no longer shifts to the manual gear shift of the vehicles, which sometimes occurred
  • Opening Instance File Picker no longer causes crashes in Editor
  • [MODDING] Deactivated collisions will no longer collide with other deactivated collisions

  • Start Mission revised, one stands now with the cooperative directly before the MB Trac and does not have to look for it no more. The parking position of the VertiMix has been adjusted
  • Stapel mission revised, the stack barrel now stands behind the bull stable when the mission begins
  • The Bale Mission has been revised. The Claas Tucano and the helper have been removed. Field 33 immediately has a swath which can be pressed with the quadrant
  • The Zip file system has been changed. It now works like NTFS and ignores the case of filenames
  • CNC Techdemo changed to Testmap

  • The console command growth is a very helpful command, you can use it to influence the growth and fast forward the time, example 20 days: growth 20
  • Snow will follow later, for this all buildings and machines would still have to be reworked to cover them in an appropriate white dress
  • FGS will be further developed and supplemented by e.g. offset functions for ploughing and saving courses
  • The old savegames only work partially with the new engine conversion. You have all fields and vehicles but the mission progress will be reset
  • Savegame quests, if you have problems with a mission, you can skip the quest step with the skipCondition console command
  • If in your old savegames the teams are inappropriately connected, simply disconnect them and reconnect them again
  • The autopilot still has difficulties finding the new entrance at the dealer
  • Helpers buy in Rauch Axis and the Dammann Land-Cruiser no fertilizer after
  • The AI does not yet handle with the different working widths in the Rauch Axis and the Dammann Land Cruiser
  • Still no possibility to select fertiliser when creating tasks
  • The ejection animation at Claas Jaguar is always green
  • In the bale mission, the bale pressed by the quadrant is still green


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